BLC14 click here for resources from our pre-conference and here for app recommendations.


Kanex ATV Pro

This new adapter has just came out that allows you to connect your Apple TV to your projector incase you have a older projector
that doesn't have a HDMI input. This is ideal for the classroom so teacher and students can easily share their screen on the big screen.
Purchase it for $59.00 @


Wordpress Steps to Creating Your Blog:

Here is a document that can help you with the beginning steps for populating your blog. Click on the file to open in a web browser.

See your photos instantly with an Eye-Fi memory card!

Ever wanted to download your photos to your computer, iPhone, iPad, or even your Android without having
to take your memory card out of your camera?

Eye-Fi has 3 amazing memory cards with built-in Wi-Fi to transfer your photos straight out the
memory card to your destination of choice.

Check them out: Eye.Fi

Bring your HD Video with you, in your Pocket!


The new KODAK Playtouch camera can bring the High Definition quality video into your classrooms for students to
learn that inexpensive cameras can bring new ideas of learning to the table.

Check out the new Kodak camera on their website here.

Table of Contents

Final Cut Pro X: Now Unleashed!

On June 21st, 2011 Apple released their newly redesigned professional editing software. With all new features, layouts, speed, workflows
and much more to help with your post-production needs! Read more here and download today via the MacApp Store.
Final Cut Pro - Apple®

iPad Apps for the Classroom


Alas Music Project


We have the great pleasure to share our new music website called Alas Music Project where you will be able to listen and download music for your projects for FREE! Stay tune as we upload new tracks bi-weekly. If you would like to participate please let us know. Enjoy!

Help Portrait: San Fernando

It's that time of year again folks! Alas Media and friends are hosting
Help Portrait in the city of San Fernando. Because last year was
so successful this year we are able to service twice the amount of families we did last year! For those of you new to Help Portrait, this is a day where photographers, hair and make-upstylist and the community volunteer
their talents and time to take family portraits of families who might not have
the means to take a portrait during the holidays.

If you did not get a chance to see last years video please check it out here:

If you would like to support this fantastic event please visit and donate on our Chip-In page.

Moby Gratis-Free music from Moby

If you like Moby and FREE music then you should definitely check this website out. Moby made music that you can use for your project for FREE! Moby Gratis music is available to license for use in independent, non-profit films, videos or shorts. In other words, you can use the music for your project as long as you don't make a profit from it.


Skyfire in a Flash! Viewing Flash on your iPhone!

Skyfire 2.0 has been released and now available in the iTunes App store. You can watch video, link and share your favorite sites to your
Facebook or Twitter. With many other features, this unleashes all new possibilities in viewing content on our iPhone. Also available for Android phones. Check it out and download today:

Pond5- Website for Stock Video & Audio

Check this out everybody. I came across this website called Pond5 where you can purchase cool stock video, SFX, Music & After Effects templates. You pay per clip. The price ranges from $10-$75. It really depends on want you're looking for. Another cool thing is that you can submit your footage as stock footage and YOU set the price! If you don't know what price to set for your clips Pond5 can help you out. Enjoy!


Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac

Skype for Mac has a new look.

Your address book is now integrated so you can call, IM or SMS your buddies. You can also share your screen. You still can't have others control your screen, but definitely a step up from the last version of Skype. Great alternative if you can't use iChat.


New iLife! New COOL features


Coming Soon. Our take on some of the coolest features to date on this MEGA POWERFUL suite of apps!

Zumocast: Your iPad/iPhone portal to another dimension.... your computer!


Access your music, videos, document files or any file of your choosing from your computer while your away! Zumocast allows
you to access your computer with your permission to which files you can view or download into your iPhone or iPad!
ALL FREE! Accessthrough the web or your phone, sign up for a free account, download the App via iTunes Store!
Jump to into your dimension today!


Grooveshark: Listen to any song in the world for free!

If you love music then you MUST check this website out. It's called Grooveshark. You can look up any artist and it will show that artist's music
(almost all their songs). So you can make your playlist and play it as many times as you would like. It's really cool and above all its FREE!
Check it out.


Music Apps for iPhone & iPad:

Not only is the iPhone an awesome phone, but it's also a very cool and effective musical instrument. Here is a chart of the most recent music apps we are playing with.


iMovie for the iPhone! :

A filmmakers studio in your pocket! With the new iPhone 4 being released June 24th, Apple will also release its computer based movie making
software iMovie for your iPhone! iPhone users will now be able film, edit and post their films straight from their fingertips. You can now record in
High Definition video, add your own photos and music, add a transition or two! Post your new film to YouTube, MobileMe, send it via
email or video text message, all easy! So get your clappers ready, quiet on the set, and ACTION!!!

See Alas Media at Building Learning Communities (BLC 10') on Making Movies with your iPhone! For more information go to November Learning BLC website:
Building Learning Communities

Tips Learned at the LAFCPUG (Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group)

Using the Slug


There's some really cool ways to use the slug in Final Cut Pro. If you're trying to close the gap between two files that have an audio clip underneath, using a slug makes this a quick and easy process. Check out Andrew Balis's article here .

Finding Clips in Your Bins


When you have clips laid down in your timeline and you're trying to find them in your bin, opening folder by folder to find your file can take some time, but we have a short cut for you! Highlight the clip in your timeline, then hit Shift and F and your file will be highlighted in your bin.

Cool Web Multimedia Editing Tools:

New Music Web Tool:

Mantis by indabamusic

For those who like to create, remix and/or collaborate with others online and free, this is for you! All tracks are creative commons
licensed which means you can create, export and include them in your projects!

Aviary Music Editor

Also see: Aviary's Myna

external image myna-automation.png external image myna-importexport.png

Online Image Editors:

Aviary Image Editor: Phoenix

Aviary Image Tools
external image phoenix_tools.png

Image Editor: Pixlr

Pixlr Image Editor
external image photo_editor.jpg

Image Editor: Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint
external image sumoapp200.jpg

Image Editor: picasa

external image top1.jpg

Image Editor: Pixelmator

This app is a stand-a-lone application that does some really cool things for the artist in you for a fraction if what it costs to buy Photoshop.
external image spider.jpg

Planning Tips: Mind map your project:

Mind42: a cool online mind map tool.

ABOUT: It allows you to manage all your ideas, whether alone, twosome or working together with the whole world.
As mind42 runs inside the browser, installing mind mapping tools is no longer needed - for a hassle-free mindmapping experience.
Just open the browser and launch the application when needed - it behaves like a classical desktop application!


Click the map below to see Marco's B-side movie mind map example.

external image 3041505235_28b41054d0.jpg
external image 3041505235_28b41054d0.jpg

(click on image to access mindmap)

Other Mindmaps:

Webspiration™ is the new online visual thinking tool that helps you
capture ideas, organize information, diagram processes and create clear, concise written documents whether working individually or collaboratively. My favorite-ish app.
Free (for now)
Mindjet’s technology for dynamic, visual thinking captures, arranges and relates free-form information in a multi-dimensional space. It goes far beyond an everyday outline or the confines of a sheet of paper. In tech-speak, it’s software that brings thoughts and ideas to life on an intuitive, interactive dashboard.
Expensive and for a business market any why.
Mindomo is a versatile Web-based mind mapping tool, delivering the capabilities of desktop mind mapping software in a Web browser - with no complex software to install or maintain.
Free for Basic
MindMeister brings the concept of mind mapping to the web, using its facilities for real-time collaboration to allow truly global brainstorming sessions. Users can create, manage and share mind maps online and access them anytime, from anywhere. In brainstorming mode, fellow MindMeisters from around the world (or just in different rooms) can simultaneously work on the same mind map and see each other's changes as they happen.
Dumb price structure. Monthly $15 for academic option. is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.
Free/ Donate
Text 2 Mind Map is a web application that converts texts to mind maps. It takes a structured list of words or sentences, interprets it, and draws a mind map out of them

Ill evaluate all of these later this weekend for you. Which ones are free, school friendly, easy to use, and sharable. Let us know your thoughts.

Freemind Mindmap

FreeMind: Free Mindmapping Software

external image freemind-2.png
Planning is the key to anything-- Its your map!

The Movie Making Journey: The Structure

(Click on the links below for details, resources, and tips) COMING SOON
Pre Plan
Audio syncing
Exporting/ Sharing video
Assessing the Product
Idea Generation (Product / Process)
Shooting video
Assessing the Process
Narrative, Documentary , Abstract
Narrative, Documentary , Abstract
Define file destination
Save the notes (all) & upload
Mind mapping
Recording audio
Uploading to a site

Scripting/Screen Play
Creating / collecting movie assets
YouTube and the others

Roles/ Responsibilities/ DRI
Film festivals

Story boarding
Import video(movie asset)

Import audio/ music (movie asset)

Equipment needs list
Import Images (movie asset)

Movie asset lists (Images, sounds, art)
Rough cut

Add transitions, titles, credits

Final cut

Get permissions (legal stuff)

Interviewing techniques (for docs)

Different Stories may need a different Styles and structures:

When to use Narrative, Documentary, and Abstract Styles

Prague: Apple Education Summit Challenge Based Learning Resources Zi8 w/ a light and audio option.


The new Kodak Zi8 is a versatile little HD camera (720p). It's awesome because it has a mic input, better video quality than the Flip, interchangeable batteries, uses SDHC cards, easy to use, and small! Its about $160, too. Here you see it connected to a video light bracket, with 2 shoes for the light and

Plan Ideas from Rock Star Learners

Ben Project
brought to you by Livescribe

The Digital Journalist. external image 3769381861_d7bd0054b3_m.jpgTV is going through a serious transition. Companies like ABC, NBC, and CBS are being forced to trim their budgets and producers are scrambling to redefine what is needed to produce a show, collect stories, or even report from the field. Today, a multi skilled producer is a must. You now need to be able to work with a small crew (2 in many cases), therefore, you and your partner need to know how to not only develop a story, but shoot the video and record the audio, too. Not an easy task, but the technology is helping out in this process.

First off, cameras are now shooting AMAZINGLY good quality. Even a $150 Kodak and Flip can get you a clean and clear 720p broadcast quality image. DSLRs and now some Point and Shoots (like the Panasonic DMC-GF1) can shoot clean and super clear video while taking advantage of the interchangeable lenses and their offerings: wide, fish eye, telephoto, low f stops, and ISO control-- options not available in many video cameras today. I have a DSLR and a point and shoot that can record video at a super fast aperture of 1.4 and 1.7. This gives me the opportunity to shoot in lower light and maybe just use a white bounce card or reflector to fill in darker areas. This is so cool considering this was NOT possible with consumer products just a few years ago. These smaller foot print cameras can make a location or people being interviewed be more at ease than us pointing ginormous cameras and light on their faces.

For audio tips and tools, See the Field Audio Recording story below .

external image 864180758_39bd3645b2_m.jpg
external image 825076214_61db1a911e_m.jpg
The Digital Journalist

ABC's Digital Future

Kevin Sites: One man production studio

Global Post: Online Journalism

DSLR Audio Mixer (Really!)

external image 4407773884_a40bb84f6f.jpg
This adapter helps turn your video making DSLR into a more serious digital journalist device. Photographers can NOW BE PRODUCERS, TOO!!!

(He is holding a STILL CAMERA (CANON) with this audio mixer and an attached boom mic w/ wind screen. A new world, reporters!!!!!! It helps add a professional audio interface to help record pro audio into your camera.

For audio tips and tools, See the Field Audio Recording story below .
external image 4388140518_b50174046c.jpg

COOL Challenge Based Learning Resources

external image 4390521636_e6a86471fd.jpg

external image 4390521462_7b3ec33167.jpg

external image 4389753377_abaf72fdd0.jpg

external image 4389784915_9bd4d27cf1.jpg

external image 4390579166_a7789f82f3.jpg

external image 4389823459_783dacce07.jpg
More to come later. There are Music, Art, Writing, and Movie contests, too

iPhone, iPad, iPod: The Mobile Professional Studio:

Turn your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Into a Production Studio. If you already have a Mac, you have a fully serviced production studio. Cool. Continue to produce cool stuff, however, if your school thinks a net book is an ideal production studio, well.... you're in for an uphill climb. Fear not though. There is still hope and COOL TOOLS to help make us all AMAZING producers.

I am guessing some, if not all of you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (or have access to one). I have put together a list of IDEAL apps and additional resources to turn your mobile creation and communication devices into FULL WORKING DIGITAL STORYTELLING STUDIOS! REALLY! You can use your iPhone, your iPod touch, and soon-- your iPad to produce some really cool visual and auditory masterpieces. In the table below, you can see the workflow and how there's either an app for that or a cool add on to ADD VALUE to your creative endeavors.

external image 4388374626_e4d6277275.jpg

Here is a link to a site for more filmmaker iApps:

FWD Labs


Hollywood Hand Held:


Another Audio Tip: Recording Field Audio.

As your workflow gets more and more professional, the needs to capture GREAT audio becomes evermore important. Weather you're a photographer or a movie maker (now these two are meeting at a intersection) You will need an easy, portable solution that still gives you the PRO quality your producers are demanding. I do have an inexpensive solution for the educator teaching this, but, for now, I will upload the following set up we're using to capture audio in the field (off camera) or you just need a great mic/ workflow to record narration in the field (e.g., in your hotel room after a shoot).

external image 4388140518_b50174046c.jpg

This set up is great for podcasts, too. You can integrate this into your desktop situation. This is a stereo mic, too. You may want to get a wind screen, if you're planning to use it a lot outdoors.

I like this recorder because it has XLR connectors built into the device, thus, preventing the need to buy adapters for 1/4 or 1/8 cables. Also, the LCD is big and I think it uses regualr AA batteries. Great in case you run out of juice and need batteries on the spot. You can run to the corner 7/11 and pick some up. No special batteries.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this great event. Click on the picture below to see what you helped create.
Click on the flyer below to learn more!


Need a free great looking website? Check out Weebly!


Weebly allows you to create a free website and/or blog. It's easier than almost any other program out there! It has an easy drag and drop interface. So for example if you want to add a picture to your website, just drag and drop the picture icon and replace the image. It's really that simple. This is a great way to build your site especially if you are not tech savvy and want to keep it simple, elegant and get your message across, we definitely recommend Weebly. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Uploading Your Movie to a Site

There are many site where you can share your movies online here our some of our favorites:

MobileMe is a great way top share your movies with friends and family.
You can add your movie directly to your MobileMe account. Click Here
to see how to upload.
If you don't have a MobileMe account, you also have the ability to upload
directly to YouTube from iMovie. Click Here to see how to upload.
Vimeo is also another way you can share your video with friends and family.
Vimeo is great especially if you are uploading HD movies. Click Here for a video on how to upload to Vimeo.

Movie Assets


When working on your movie it's important to plan for the elements you need BEFORE you start production. For example if your movie is going to consist of images, make a list of the images you will collect and roughly the number of images you will need. You don't want to collect too many images for a short project. For the project above, it's a one minute project, the pacing is not too fast so 20 pictures should be more than enough. If it was a fast paced piece 30 pictures might be more appropriate.

It's also a good idea to know what kind of music you will need and if you are using sound fx, what kind of fx you will need? Having a list of the things you will need wont only help you be better organized but it will also help you finish you project a lot quicker.

Directly Responsible Individual (DRI)


In every project, no matter how small or large, there should always be someone responsible for a part of the process. For example, one person should be responsible for interviewing, one person should be responsible for the filming, one person should be responsible for the equipment etc. This DOES NOT mean that they have to do it alone, it just means that they are accountable to make sure the team completes the task.

By having Directly Responsible Individuals or DRI's the teacher can check in with the DRI's of the project to checkthe status of the group, instead of having to meet with everyone in the team.

TIP: Make sure students include who the DRI's in the mind map/planning stage of the project, for example the mind map above.

Having an Equipment List


Having an equipment list before you go on your shoot is CRUCIAL.

1. It holds the student/person accountable for the equipment they are checking out.
2. It will make sure you have everything you need for your shoot and make sure you are prepared.
3. Referencing this list after the shoot will ensure you have everything packed and accounted for before you leave the shoot.

Here's a quick, kinda quirky but still good, explanation of what a narrative movie is.

What Is Film Narrative? -- powered by

Here's a link to the different parts a narrative movie might have.

STOP BUYING FLIP Cameras!!!!!!!

Let me "splain"... They are (were) inexpensive and easy to incorporate into the classroom, BUT, the quality reminded us it was under $200. Its shaky, colors are off, displays roughly on larger screens, and It was somewhat of an issue to import on both standard Mac/PC video editing apps. Did I mention it held 4GB only?

Well, Apple has stepped it up with a FLIP (and even Kodak Zi8) killer-- the NEW Nano is HERE and its a MEGA TOOL for the classroom!
OK. Here's the breakdown:
  • Its 16GB
  • Video Camera w/ a 1 button option to upload to YouTube.
  • A great microphone
  • An iPod (the coolest one yet)
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • The video quality IS FAR SUPERIOR to the FLIP!!!!!!!!!
  • an FM radio
  • and a pedometer

external image flip-camera.jpg
Flip Camera: $160.
4GB space

external image 3904631308_f97179d334_m.jpg

Apple Nano: $179

JayCut: Online Video Editing

Don't have iMovie or Movie Maker and want to edit your movies? Check out JayCut an online editor that allows you edit your movies and pictures, add music, transitions and simple efects all inside your browser, no need to download any software. We recommend the advance version, Editor 2.0. It features easier edting, cleaner interface and recommended for documentaries. Click here to check it out.

LoopLabs: Online Audio Editing

Create your own mixes, post them on twitter or facebook or email them to friends so they can add to your tracks. In looplabs anyone can create a track. This is a cool way to practice putting together tracks, you can choose from a large library, solo tracks, mute, pan and adjust the individual audio from your tracks. One of the only downs of this online music editor is that you are unable to export.

The NEW Kodak Zi8!

Flip over, Flip Camera(s)-- There's a BETTER camera in town!
Kodak has evolved the small pocket camera into something serious-ish!

external image M8158_EKN036561enZi8_FL-BF_black02_250x200.jpg
The Good News:
- Slimmer than the Zi6
- Cooler looking, cooler feel.
- All of the cool features of the Zi6: larger screen, clean image, USB, SDHD, HD60, Macro, Landscape modes.
- New Li-on Battery-- longer lasting, MOREOVER-- Its replaceable for $29 (Get some extras).
- Image stabilization (Really).
- MIC IN Jack! I repeat: "MIC in Jack!"

Flip is in the dust now. This is the way to go, folks!

Here, engaget does a great review of this new wonder cam.

Engaget demonstrates line in audio (a mic port). Believe it!!!!!!

NEW AUDIO UPDATE!!! Audio Recorders Now Compatible with your iPod Touch:

This just in, you may have heard that your portable audio recorders are not compatible with your new iPod Touch, well not anymore! If you have a Griffin iTalk Pro and Belkin Tunetalk Stereo for iPod are now compatible with your iPod Touch! For support links are provided below! More to come for sure, enjoy!


Belkin Support & iTalk Support

One more option here! Mikey is here for you audio heads. Thanks Blue.
external image 4398569935_3c6eb3e293.jpg

Audio Recorder Options:

Choose your path to the best external audio recording. These 3 products provide great quality when your camera cannot support the direct audio support.




external image H4n-front-new.png
This is the best of the bunch here. One reason is that it uses XLR in directly! Ideal since there isnt a need to buy adapters.

1. Belkin Tunetalk w/ your Apple iPod 2. TASCAM Portable Digital Recorder 3. Olympus Digital Linear Recorder 4. Zoom H4n

iMovie09: Importing video from your Camera STEP 1
Thanks to MacVideoTutorial

NOTES: If you need to import video-- This is one of many video tutorials available for you.

iMovie09: Adding B roll (cutaways) to a movie! FINALLY!!!!!

Click here for the tip of the Century!

Mac Video Tutorials for Apple Software

This team is awesome! Subscribe to them for anything Apple Software! Apple has great tutorial themselves, however, this guy (or team) goes on to add much more.
Click here for his/ their link.


Thanks to ExpertVillage

iMovie09: Green Screen Tip by a cool Kid

Thanks GobbyPower

NOTES: Make sure you don't have a shadow.
EXAMPLE: [[ |Green Screen]]

How to make a Green Screen for Pennies (sorta)

Thanks to Household hacker

EXAMPLE: Setting up a cool green screen area at school or at home. I love the Benny Hill music in this.
Check it out!
NOTES: For additional, more sophisticated green screen stuff, check this out.

external image 3594870484_57ac1ef358.jpg?v=0

Need help with iMovie, Garageband, Final Cut, etc.?

Here's your chance to get FREE I.T. support! Send us technical questions in
any of the following areas: movies, photography, audio. We’ll find a solution
and create a tutorial for you for FREE!!!!

Helpful Sites for Designers

When it comes to designing, color choice is crucial. I came across this site called Color Scheme Designer . It's great. you can choose color schemes and see if this is what you are looking for. Really easy to use. Enjoy!

external image 3551386637_4f13622303.jpg?v=0

Another site I came across is the Colour Contrast Check . This site tests if your background color works well with your foreground. It makes sure there's enough contrast between the two so that your text won't get lost between the colors.
external image 3552196126_d8b1d1d3e5.jpg?v=0

Another great online tool is called the Typetester . This site compares screen type from different fonts to see how it will look online. In a sense, it lets you distinguish which text will be easier to read.

external image 3551386833_1ae2c3eaba.jpg?v=0

Water! Paul Rodriguez PSA

external image 3439029916_8f47b55f1a_o.png

Alas Media created a video with comedian Paul Rodriguez and the California Latino Water Coalition discussing the importance of water. Check it out on his website and on YouTube .

The California Latino Water Coalition will stage a massive four-day march from Mendota, Calif. to San Luis Reservoir, Calif. on Tuesday, April 14-Friday, April 17. The CLWC invites any California resident who is interested in bringing additional water resources to the Golden State to participate. To learn more visit .

Online Image Editors

Need to edit your pictures but don't have Photoshop? Here are two online applications that allow you to edit your images. FotoFlexer has some basic and advance features and if you're use to using photoshop and advance features Pixlr is great.


Dream The Impossible: Documentary Series

Watch these great videos from Honda. These docs. are about people talking about success, failure, mobility in the year 2088. Click here for the link.
external image 3226407261_3858f10622_o.png

Check out our podcasts that are being broadcast in Scotland!

Click here!

external image 3096701782_10439113da_o.png

New iMovie 09 is here and your going to love it!


Finally! A new version of iMovie that you are going to love. It offers some great features you missed from the older version and you'll love the new ones it offers. Stay tuned for some tutorials and examples of the great features on flickschool.

The Make Something Video!!
Workshop Webisodes from Nike Sportswear.
Check this out everybody! These are great workshop videos. These are one day workshops where artists teach their craft to kids. The kids learn multiple things like storytelling, music creation, poster art and a bunch other cool things. Watch here.

external image 3121265130_1628959c50_o.png

Overview of Movie Basics

external image 3114052503_b9dfef0561.jpg?v=0
We just set up a new wiki page that covers all sorts of basics from shooting to compressing videos. Check it out.

Project Locked Error

Have you ever received a message that your project was locked on another machine therefore not allowing you to open your file? This is what recently happened to us...

external image 3082971145_80ba670617_o.jpg

Solution? (Thanks to GottaHaveAMac user from
You get this message because your user ID # does not match the user ID # in your iDVD project file lock. The iDVD project "file" is actually not a file, but a folder containing many other files and folders. The lock file is tucked away in one of these "hidden" folders. You can delete the lock and regain access to your project as follows:

1. Locate the icon for your iDVD project. Ctrl-Click on the icon and select "Show Package Contents" from the drop-down menu. This will bring up a finder window showing you the contents of the iDVD project.
2. In your project, open the "Contents" folder.
3. In the "Contents" folder, open the "Resources" folder.
4. In the "Resources" folder, delete the file named "project.lock."

You should now be able to open your iDVD project without experiencing the "locked by another user" error.

Instructional DVD: Digital Photography: Available Light and Flash

Check out Alas Media's latest production: an instructional DVD on photography.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about using available light and flash by looking over the shoulder of a professional photographer? Now’s your chance. Watch and learn as professional photographer, Ibarionex Perello identifies the lighting challenges of each shooting situation and explains how he resolves them using ambient light, flash and reflectors to improve the quality of his digital photographs. Learn how you can use these simple techniques of seeing and controlling light to transform your digital photographs.

Problems with Western Digital My Books (Hard Drives)?

Costco carries inexpensive firewire hard drives, such as the 1TB My Book which runs for about $200. We've recently purchased a few of them and were having issues when we tried to initialize the drives. If you're like us, you've tried going into Disk Utility, clicking on erase, selecting Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and then hitting erase; this results in an error. The right way to initialize the drive is to go to Disk Utility, click on Partition, then click on options (located at the bottom center of the window). A window pops up and the default option is set to Master Boot Record. Switch this to Apple Partition Map, click ok and your drive is good to go!

Reality TV used to Explain Quantum Mechanics:

Here's a quick article from Wired Magazine that describes Quantum Mechanics using Reality TV . Goes to show that you can take any subject and explain it by relating the topic to something people can understand. It's a good laugh too.

Final Cut Pro Tip: Moving clips on the timeline.

In Final Cut, have you ever wondered why when you drag footage from your browser or preview window down to your timeline all of your clips move to the side? That’s because there’s a line in between the video track that decides whether to push the clips over or to lay them on top of the clips.

external image 2823107083_0e9acef8dc.jpg?v=0external image 2823106867_39181ea659.jpg?v=0

external image 2823940410_bc1cc9bf7c.jpg?v=0
When you drag footage over the line, it will push all of your clips to the side.

external image 2823940048_e0db7517a2.jpg?v=0

If you drag the footage under the line it will either overlay the footage over the clips or replace them.

Brainstorming Process for Video Production


Brainstorming is a very effective tool in coming up with ideas and/or categorizing ideas. Here’s an approach to brainstorming:

1. Define the idea/goal/outcome. Write it down as simply as u can.
2. Grab a blank sheet of paper and fold it into eigths. Grab a pencil and start jotting things down. Whatever comes into your mind, it doesn’t have to make sense. This is so that you get your creative juices going.
3. Stop. Take a break.
4. Get another sheet. Make a circle and title it Idea 1. Look at your previous ideas and pick one you think might work and connect it to the circle. Make another circle and title it Idea 2. Again, look at your ideas and choose another one. Repeat this procedure 6 times.
5. Take a break.
6. Out of those six ideas, choose three. Polish those three ideas.
7. Break.
8. Refine ideas and execute.

Here's a link to a great article in managing a brainstorm session.
Here's another link to an article that discusses the creative process.

Example of Great Story

Here's an example of a movie with very little dialogue that communicates a whole lot. This is the winner of the Fourth Annual Short Film Online Competition - Cannes 2008.
You can see it here!


KEY TIP: Legal Music: Royalty Free Music

Your so close to finishing your documentary, short film or slideshow and all you need is some great music. Here's a simple remedy that offers royalty free music. You can search their catalog using keywords and be kept up to date whenever new music is added.


Audio Bypass Surgery!?

When your classic camcorder does not support a microphone input and your in need to record an interview, causing you to record distorted and rugged audio with horrible sound and quality, with these 2 recommended options this can fix and help your cause. With handy voice recorders such as the M-Audio Microtrack and the Belkin TuneTalk, you can record your audio as a third party file which can be easily imported into your editing track, and now replace your previous distorted track.
iPod-belkin-tunetalk-pop.jpgBelkin Tunetalk Website maudio_microtrack.jpg M-Audio Voice Recorder Website

Which Hard Drive is right for me?

You ask yourself, "I don't have enough room on my computer, which external hard drive is right for me?" Either I'll be editing video footage or simply transferring files from my computer. Here's a list of what hard drives can help you in your search for the right one!

Inqscribe: Transcribing Audio for Final Cut Pro.

Inqscribe is an easy tool to use when you’re trying to transcribe video or audio files. You can bring in your media files and speed up as well as slow them down for easier transcription. You can also insert time codes to separate your different chunks of text and then easily export them to Final Cut XML, then bring them into Final Cut Pro, where all your text comes in as separately, making it easy to subtitle your projects. You can download a free trial by clicking here.

Music 101 by the Music Genome Project

We have shared how Pandora is a cool site for online radio. Now check out the cool podcasts they are producing. Here's one on the different ways to write and sing vocal harmonies. What a super cool way to teaching music.

Pulp Motion: Cool Slideshow program!

PulpMotion has a full menu of visual themes that incorporate your media into clever animations. You can even create your own fake newscast. PulpMotion helps you tell stories with style. You can use PulpMotion to create your own digital scrapbooks or credits that can be incorporated into your work. It is a great way for you to share your personal pictures with music to your family and friends in a fun way. It is easy and fun to use it. To get a free trial just click here.

Create fun animations using your own pictures, videos and music! Simply drag and drop your preferred photos or movies, then add your own music, apply a visual theme from the PulpMotion slideshow themes menu and you're done!

Datavideo - CKL-100: Green screen done professionally (but ideal, too)

Here is some cool new technology for green screen effects, and it is also mobile. Go to Flickschool to learn more about it.

New York Times Magazine Article on Flickr

Tip by: Ibarionex
This is an interesting article that appeared on this weekend's edition of the New York Times Magazine on the impact of Flickr on the world of photography. It provides an interesting perspective of how certain aesthetics that might have been rejected by the established photographic world are encouraged or embraced by the online photo community. Regardless of where you fall on that point, there is no doubt that the web has opened up the idea of what is and isn't a "good" photograph to a much larger community.

Final Cut Studio: Using Compressor 3: To Compress video

Tip by: Eli
Compressor is a great tool because it allows you to shrink the size of your quicktime movie so that you can download it faster from online or can resize it for your ipod. In order to do this, click on the upper left hand corner on “add file” Select your file and you will see that it will appear in your batch window and will be inside a blue rectangle. You can scrub through the movie by moving the blue dot that appears below the clip. If you go to the toolbar that is located towards the top of your screen you will find your inspector, if you click on this, all of your audio and video information from your clip appears here. You can check to make sure that you brought in the right clip. To tell compressor how you want to shrink your clip, you add a target. Make sure your clip is selected in your batch window and then go up to target and click new target with settings.
Here you can select how you would like to export your video. If you want people to download your video from online, click on the download preset and you can choose between quicktime 6 or quicktime 7. Not everyone has downloaded the newest version of quicktime, so you might want to select quicktime seven. Under he quicktime 6 folder you have a couple of options. The higher the kbps (kilo bites per second), the faster internet connection you’ll need, so if you anticipate that people with slower internet connections, such as dial-up, will be downloading your movie, chose a setting with lower kbps.
Once you select a preset, click add. In your batch window you will see three sections. Starting from the left you have the name of your preset, the destination of your file, and lastly your file’s name. If you click on these you can edit them. To the right of this, you have a plus or minus sign that allows you to add or delete another preset. You can have various targets so that you can export a file for several purposes such as for an ipod and the web. Once you’ve finished setting your targets hit submit. In the window that pops up you can change the name of the batch that you are exporting. Here you can choose to render from another machine. When are you are done, click submit. Your batch monitor will open and will show you the progress of your files.

Free Images-- Royalty Free!

Tip by: William
Working on a documentary, short film slideshow, but you don't have all the required photos in stock. You might need to use a copyright free photo from the web, but don't know where to get one from? Solution? With unlimited supply of photos circulating the web, many sites carry copyright and restriction free photos, without you having the fear of being hit for piracy or theft. One neat site is the very popular, Flickr has a feature called Creative Commons, located under the drop down menu Explore. With listings of hundreds of available photographs, categorized under certain licensing, any of these can help you on your way. Here's a view and link, enjoy!


An Online Photo Manager/ Editor for FREE!!! Welcome, Adobe Photoshop Express!


Tips Page
Photoshop Express Page
Ok. This is an online image manager as well as a basic editor. A free lite version (beta) of a lightroom-ish/ photoshop-ish application that can be your online companion, if you don't have access to either Lightroom (or Aperture) or Photoshop (or iPhoto). Its cool cuz it can integrate with some online picture viewrs like Facebook, Google's Picasa, and Photobucket.

If you need an online solution to manage your images (2GB only for now) and you don't have access to any of the applications I mentioned earlier, this might do it for you.

tip by marco
This sites is dedicated to provide an easy explanation on all of the new buzz web 2 words being flung around. This is what the site says about themselves:
  • Our product is explanation.
  • We use a simple format and real-world stories to make sense of complex ideas.
  • We're interpreters. We present your products and services in plain English using short, unique and understandable videos in a format we call Paperworks.

Freedom with your audio.

Capture it with Hijack Audio Pro.
Tip from William
Recommended from one of our readers, Hijack Audio Pro, with many similarities to WireTap Studio,
Hijack Audio Pro can record from your everyday applications such as Safari, Quicktime, Windows Media Player,
and foremost additional microphone inputs to your computers internal microphone.
With additional features to capture and record from other analog sources, saving your old LP records and
cassettes. Hijack Pro Audio can save your recordings to your file format of your choice. Hijack Audio Pro is priced at $32.

Here's a link to their website.

Tap into your audio w/ WireTap Studio.

Tip from William
From recording your iChat & Skype conversations, to recording your favorite scheduled podcast while
your away. WireTap Studio comes with various methods of recording, editing, digitizing, and saving your
audio recordings. With added features of LifePreview, this feature gives you realtime access to recording your live broadcasts or sessions.


Here's a link to their website. Voice memos straight to your phone or email.

A cool online service that converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments.
Tip from Marco


Here's the link to show you how.

Cool MIT Teacher. A Man who loves to Teach!!!!!

Sharing from Marco
Check out Professor Lewin. He is a great educator who loves his students so much-- he feels he has to show them the love he has for Physics and the love for teaching it! What a dynamic man!
Professor Walter Lewin, MIT
Professor Walter Lewin, MIT

I love his quote: "Its not what you cover, but it's what you uncover that counts."

Here's the link to the story (and movie)


A cool tool that lets you see maps of where the images are being taken.
Tip from Marco
Check out this site: flickrvision3d. It randomly looks at images being uploaded now to the flickr community. Its so cool to see how the world goes on with or with out us. It shows us how small, but how connected we are.
external image 214503226_1ea9e33764_m.jpg

Still Need iMovieHD--

the old school one-- go here. Apple makes it available to everyone

Tip from Marco
external image imoviehd603_20070608160647.jpg
Click here for the download page.

Hi Team, here is a cool way we can communicate with each other and keep our ideas flowing. We get better the more we share!!!! If any of you come across a cool tip, resource, person, tool, or if you just want to share an idea-- use this space to do so. This way our friends have access to our cool stuf!!

Friendly File! Converted and ready! Compressing video for the web.

Tip by William
Are your music videos not iPod compatible, your movies from your digital camera not readable. Fear no more, we introduce you to VisualHub. A universal video converter for your Mac, this program is a Apple user's dream. With the capabilities of converting any file format to another designated format, VisualHub will convert the file to it's available options of AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLASH and more. VisualHub also provides other conversion capabilities for PSP, TIVO systems. No need to include additional Quicktime plugins or software, VisualHub works on both PowerPC and Intel operating systems. Buy VisualHub for $23.32 USD. Enjoy!
VisualHub Website

Garageband for PC User's

Tip by William
With no compatibility for PC Windows users to run Apple's Garageband, M-Audio Session's music software provides many similiar tools Garageband offers. Session's has a variety of musical styles with loops and Virtual Instruments. With an M-Audio Micro interface, configuration to your computer and keyboard is easy with no headaches of connectivity. M-Audio Session's sells for $49. Check it out.
M-Audio Session's Website

GAMING: Look what you can use video games to do: anything.

by Pat

Zaki, a 10th grade student and a gamer, wanted to learn how to do 3-D design and mapping, and he decided to make that the goal of an independent school project. He went off for the summer, with only the blueprints in hand, and created a virtual tour of a new school library being designed. He figured it all out on his own. It's stunning. Take a look.

No one at school saw this until it was done. How humbling. And revealing. This is what kids should be doing together in classrooms, not alone in their bedrooms.

After seeing this and visiting places like SF High where the SFETT students work their magic, we designed project studios in the library to bring this kind of creativity and curiosity and power into the school room.

People like me had no idea// a dumb game could be turned into an amazing tool to recreate, remix, reinvent a whole new idea -- for free.

Here is the November Learning video podcast interview with Zaki, including his virtual tour, the shooter game, and photos of the library which opened last week.


MOVIES_ Great TV Ad for idea.

Tip from Rosa

Check out these adds MT showed us the other day...

MOVIE_Adidas Ads that are mega creative!

Tip from Marco

The reason I love these ads is because they are simple: a narrated story of a "low" event in the athlete's career and how they overcame it. I love the self portrait idea and animating it as you hear the story. SImple, great, and moving. Close your eyes and listen to it, too. See te different ones and hear them as well for the similarities and differnces.

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Click on this GCast to hear my commentary on the Adidas Ad. Click on this sound file, go to the YouTube video above to lower the audio level to zero. Now click to play the YouTube video to hear my commentary as the video plays. From time to time, we'll do this to help better understand the process.


AUDIO_GCast: Blog over the phone. Really!

Tip from Rosa

You guys have to check out it's a cool way to podcast. The phone feature is great. You can call in from your phone to the number they provide and record your podcast and it automatically uploads for you. Here is the one I created as a test. Try it out!

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This audio file explains more about the image.

external image 27615244_ab28f53940.jpg?v=0
Nopal by Rosa Ruvalcaba

This is a map link to my home: the place where the picture was made.

ALAS media tagged images.

Tip from Tlan

images.jpeg Logo`

TOOL_Social Bookmarking

Tip from Tlan
eltlan.JPG A cool way to keep your bookmarks close to you is to have a "delicious list". This is a way to save your favorite wesites and keep them available to you at all times. Also, should you wish-- you can share your bookmarks with others as well. Why would you want to do this? Let me explain. Let's say I value Rosa's photography a great deal. I know she's connected and she is sharing her links with the world, I can subscribe to her links, too. Give it a try. You'll like it.

PHOTOGRAPHY_My Blog:The Candid Frame:

A Photographers blog

Tip from Ibarionex
The coolest podcast in the world for those of you who love photography (as we do). Listen to Ibarionex interview some of the most respected, creative photographers in the world. Just follow the iTunes link to the audio interviews. Enjoy

PHOTOGRAPHY_A cool photographer

by Ernesto

Dave Black, Photographer

This guy is amazing. What he can do with light, is amazing. I have to share him with all of you. He refers to his art as light painting.

MOVIE_Motion by Apple 1

Tip by Marco

MOVIE_Motion by Apple 2

Tip by Marco


Motion Tracking in the new Final Cut Studio (Motion).

I am a fan of Steve Martin (Spanish pronunciation-- not like the actor). He has a company dedicated to help independent producers learn, just in time, the basic facts and even tips for movie making and it's favorite tool: Final Cut Studio.

This link connects you to a page of QuickTips on how to maximize (or just dive in) Final Cut Studio's Motion (Motion graphics tool).

MOVIE_Motion Tip_ Animating text

Tip from Rosa

Here is a super cool trick you can do in the new Motion. Animate your text to the beat of your audio! Click here to learn this other cool tricks!

If you want to link to this page, you can use this linked badge.


by Carlos

external image twitter.png?1196901327

Carlos, write here your tips. for links, you the INSERT LINK globe, chainlink icon. Feel free to do as you wish for your corner.

MOVIE_video tour of AlasMedia

Tip from Rosa

Here is a quick little promo/tour we did of our studio.

Greg Whitby, CEO for the Catholic Schools of Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

by Marco

One of my favorite leaders in Education right now. I love his enthusiasm and sense of urgency.

TOOL_Jing: One of the Coolest screen capture tools.

By Brian

If you need to send someone a quick instructional screencast, try out This application is free, lives on your desktop, and makes it easy to create and share your screencasts.

TOOL_Youtube. Uploading to it.

Tip from ELI

How to Upload to Youtube? You have several options now. Let me go through 2 right now for you...


by Tlan

Hey guys check this company out, studio aka . They do some really cool stuff. Their work ranges from commercials to short films. I was really intrigued by their commercials and how beautiful they look.

WIKI Tip: Adding Social Widgets

Tip from Marco

RSS Feed Widgets, Bookmaking Tips, and Apple's Leopard: Safari and Mail.

Adding a bookmark or RSS Subscribe "Add This" button/ widget to your blog, wiki, or website. Here is a quick movie for Safari users having issues adding this cool little button.

By making this available for others-- makes it easier for them to connect to you!

Here is the link to the movie......

Another cool way of keeping up with your subscriptions (RSS), is through Apple's Leopard OS. The Mail app allows you to keep in touch and keep up w/ your feeds. To see how to do it using Safari and Mail (in the new OS), click on this movie link.

external image 2077079697_c4699ffd32_m.jpg

AUDIO_Online Music

Tip from Rosa

I just wanted to share this site with you all. There are a bunch of sites out where you can listen to music for free online but this is one of the favorites I have bumped into. It's called Pandora Radio . You just enter your email, create a playlist by selecting the artist or song you want and it generates artists of similar genres. Advertisements show up on the side but your music is never interrupted by advertisements. Check it out.

More Radio Tips

Tip from Marco

Another online radio station that's kinda cool is Soutdrive Radio. Mark, AKA: Spykid, AKA: DJ Ares (Air Ease) is a regular DJ on this online station and he keeps his chat open during his show to play what his friends would like to hear. I've known Mark since he was a lil boy hanging out at the local coffee shop. He became "one of my kids", too. An adopted SFETT kid.

Today, I was bathing my son and I saw DJ Ares had chatted me (to my phone) to alert me that he was live now. I said hello and told him I was bathing Xol. A few minutes into the mix, he dropped the volume down enough to give a shout out to myself and Xol. Xol stopped sinking his Fisher-Price pirate boat with an empty bottle of Head and Shoulders to hear that his name was called over the computer. He looked shocked!!!!! It was a cool moment. I pickd up my iPhone and chatted a thanks you to DJ Ares. He responded a minute later w/ "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave. Its amazing how close we really can be.

MOVIE: Commercial ideas

Tip from Rosa

Idea Check this short commercial out. Click on More Work. Then a couple of images appear. Click on the bottom right image with the cowboy. Then click on the bottom label that says 'cowboy'. Enjoy. This is a great example of simplicity at its best. Click here

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tips from Texas

Tip from Dr. Keith

Long Exposure
Long Exposure Tip Sometimes longer is better ! Specifically, in the case of exposure, the camera can reveal beauty the eye will miss. Below
is an image I took recently of my parking gargage. Believe me, I have tried taking a picture of this structure in the middle of the day and images were boooooring. This time I visited at night and did a 25 second exposure at ISO 100. The building wasn't all that lightly lit and the street was pretty dark, but as you can see the camera captured a very brightly lit image of something you would never see if you actually stood at my point of photography. Night time photography is always fun because you don't know how the final image will appear until you have it on the viewfinder. My biggest challenge was trying to get 25 consecutive seconds without a car driving through the image. This garage is right next to a large dormatory on the University of Texas campus.
25 Second Exposure

Light Painting with a Flashlight
The following image was my first experiment with light painting. The Setup: The SLR camera is on a tripod in a totally dark room. Before turning off the room lights. I set the cameras focus correctly and put it on manual. The aperture was also set to about 4 and the ISO to 100. The shutter was set to 30 seconds. The subject, in this case a flower was put in position on a dark piece of cloth. Now we turn off the room lights, and open the shutter for 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds, I use a white LED flashlight to "paint" over the flower. The more times you paint over a section of the subject the brighter it will be. I tried to paint from the side so the cloth below the subject would not be illuminated. And the result?
FYI, I am working on a new photo gallery to share my photography. Check it out at KLM Photography

WIKI Tip: Making a Table of Contents

Tip from Marco

external image wikispaces-logo.jpg
Making a Table of Contents on your WikiSpace is easy. I recommend you use Firefox over Safari for this editing feature. Firefox allows you to edit visually.

Here is a movie on how to make a table of contents in your wiki. enjoy.

MOVIE: Graphic Design Ideas

Tip from Tlan


This website has some awesome photoshop tips and tricks so you can give your photos the Sin City look, Pirates of the Caribbean look, the Scanner Darkly look and many more. Enjoy. Click here.

Photography Tip: Popping out the color!

Tip from Marco

external image 2096236097_638943bf97_m.jpg + external image aperture_logo.png
Here is a movie on how to make your colors pop using Apple's Aperture.

(NOTE: be patient. The movie is large and can take a minute or two to load.)

Images from a digital camera come out w/ a grey cast over the image. What this means is that the blacks aren't black, the whites aren't white. The colors are averaged somewhere in between, thus, the grey cast. In Apple's Aperture-- you can make you're colors pop out more (make them more vivid) by adjusting the Luminance value of the image. This movie quickly shows how to return beautiful blue to your skies, gorgeous green to your trees, rich red to your roses.

For Photoshop users, this is the way I bring out the colors. Here is the MOVIE.