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Welcome to Flickschool.

The how to website for the rest of us. Flickschool is created for those educators/ students who want to know the "need to knows" of multimedia. We describe it as the Rachel Ray of multimedia website. In REAL words, and with many examples-- you too can see how to quickly learn what you need to learn (just-in-time) for your multimedia project.

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We love to have fun with our projects but at the same time NEED to have a plan. Whenever we work on something, we use a structure called the four P’s.

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The first P is PLANNING and this is the most critical part. In the planning process we liked to start off with a cool little exercise; we come up with 5 bad ideas. It’s hard to come up with good ideas, so we come up with 5 that are not so great and then work with these until we develop one really cool idea. Then we go on to write the script, put together our timeline, and draw our storyboards. We really want to visualize what our project is going to look like before we even pick up a camera. We have to be able to make others understand exactly where we want to go with our project.

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The second part or second P is the production process. That's when we actually go out and shoot our projects and then sit down to edit and score them (add our own music to our project).

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The third P is presenting. This is where we get to share our project with our peers. We get to practice our presenting skills while getting a chance to show off our project to our friends.

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The final P is pheedback with a silent P. Here’s where we get input from others. This is where we get responses like “That looks cool but I might change this…or add that.” It’s a good opportunity for us to get some awesome pheedback from everyone to make our project that much cooler.

For tips in the following areas visit FLICKSCHOOL.COM


  • audio mixing

  • music creation

  • legal issues

  • Copyright, CreativeCommons Licenses

- www.creativecommons.org
- Explanation of the Creative Commons License (video)
- Larry Lessig explains copyright and its challenges now (video)

  • scoring your film

  • noise removal

  • normalizing

- video explaining normalization & equalization.
  • sound effects

  • Cool Audio Software

- Ableton Live
- Propellerheads Reason
- Line 6 GearBox
- NI Guitar Rig


  • brainstorming

  • idea generating techniques

  • noodles

  • mind mapping

  • process, product and goals

  • storyboard

  • timeline

  • shot list

  • call sheet

  • filming

  • gathering assets (images, graphics, sound)

  • shoot: a roll. b roll

  • w m cu shots and their function

  • cut away shots

  • post: sequencing ordering

  • logging/ capturing

  • editing on paper (pearls)



  • web

  • dvd

  • tv: hd

  • compressions

  • pleasantville effect

  • fcp tricks

  • flip4mac


  • aperture

  • Shutter speed

  • lighting

  • camera savior

  • flash bounce

  • histogram

  • ae lock

  • photo a day

  • lighting