Welcome to your wiki for Digital Storytelling with Photography!

Because we are limited on time, we have created this Wiki with lots of great resources to help you through your photographic journey. Here you will find some great tips and tricks to take better photos.


First thing first: Find out what camera works for you. Whether its a point and shoot camera or a SLR.
Any camera works to tell a great story!


Photography Cheat Sheet!


Click Here to download printable version.


Here are some quick reviews to help you remember some techie parts to taking better pictures.

Quick Tips!

1. Take pictures and take pictures often!
2. Post it! Find a site like Flickr and create a network where you can get feedback on your pictures.
3. Give yourself assignments!


Here are some quick reviews to help you remember some techie parts to taking better pictures.
Learn how to use take some fun and cool pics by controlling your shutter speed.
Learn how to use the aperture setting on your camera by giving yourself an assignment.
Using Wide, Medium and Close up shots to help you tell a story with pictures.
White Balance
Get rid of those blueish or greenish colored photo. Learn how to define white on your camera.
Photo a Day
Give yourself an assignment of taking a photo a day.
Take super cool pictures with your flash!
Flash Unit
Light can make or break your shot, learn what flash unit is best for you.
Rule of Thirds
Go from amateur to being a professional simply by learning how to compose your shot!


One of the greats parts of taking pictures is sharing them! Find a site that works for you, that you like. Here are some sites that we really enjoy.

Stay in tough with the ones you love, upload and organize photos, make cool gifts from your pictures or simply explore others photos.

Whether you share your photos on your phone, through email or online. MobileMe is a great way to share memories with friends and families.

An easy way to organize, edit, create and share your photos.


Have fun with your pictures!

Some of the best ways to share your pictures in your classroom, at home, with friends and family is by creating a slide show or running it through some cool apps! Here our some of our favorite apps to have fun with your pictures.
Create some cool slideshows online. Upload your photos, choose your music and animoto will do the rest. Oh, and never get the same slideshow twice!

Want to customize your own slideshow? PulpMotion offers some cools templates and all you have to do is drag and drop from iphoto and apreture. This program also offers some cools customized options.

Need a elegant way to present your photos or looking to turn your photos into a great story, then Fotomagico is for you.


Resources and Links:

Here are some of our favorite blogs to learn more about photography.

Learn the how to of light when taking pictures.
The Candid Frame

Learn the Why of photography with photographer Ibarionex Perello.

Learn how to take some cool photos by using these tips and tricks.

Want to learn even more!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about light and flash by looking over the shoulder of a professional photographer? Now's your chance. Ibarionex Perello identifies lighting challenges of shooting different shooting situations and resolves them using ambient light, flash and reflectors to improve the quality of his photographs.

Click Here to learn more!

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