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Great Job Folks!

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop. We had a great time and we hope you walked away with some cool tips and tricks.

Click Here to view the movies you produced. Great job everybody!

Turning Classrooms into Learning Studios: Lights, Camera, Learn!

Welcome to our Wiki for BLC 08 here you will find everything we have gone over in our workshop and lots of other cool resources!


Turning Classrooms into Learning Studios: Planning!


Turning Classrooms into Learning Studios: Planning a documentary

The steps
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Lighting can be harsh when you shoot, especially when you film midday. At noon, the sun is right above and casts very strong shadows. A reflector comes in handy because it allows you to diffuse the harsh rays, giving you even lighting. You can check out some reflectors here. If you’re on a budget, a cool little tip is to use wax paper or a white sheet to diffuse the light.

Light Meter

It’s always important to try to get the best lighting possible when you shoot. If you don’t have money to buy a fancy light meter, you can use your hand! Click here to see how.

Audio Sync

Here is a cool tip on how to record great sound even if you don't have a microphone input in your camera.


Check out these two bsides on teachers. Here’s one from Australia and here’s one from a teacher in New Zealand.