The movie process starts with 3 main steps: 1. Coming up with an idea 2. Scripting 3. Story boarding

Wide, Medium and Close Up

There are three main types of shots in moviemaking. A great way to practice is by viewing examples. Here's an Ironman trailer that shows all three types of shots.


Composition: Rule of Thirds

For the best composition, image your screen is cut into three equal parts. Make your point of focus where the lines intersect.

Documentary: A-Roll and B-Roll




Light Meter
Use your hand as a light meter to find where the best light is. Here's the link.
Diffusing Light
Use a diffuser when filming in direct sunlight. See what a difference this will make.
Click here.
Audio Syncing
If you don't have a way to get great audio from your camera (no mic and headphone option)-- there is still a way to get good audio. MOVIE HERE