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Great Job Folks!

Elizabeth and I want to thank everyone at ITSC 07. Everyone in our workshop was amazing and we hope you all came out more curious, with more ideas and questions to take back with you to your schools. Please continue to post any questions you might have on our discussion board or feel free to ichat us, email or find us on facebook.

Remember we want to keep this discussion going outside of the conference, so if you have a site for your class, a wiki, a blog, or any other outlet where you share your students work please share it with us!

Here is the link to the movies that were produced within the workshop. Click Here to watch them!

Thanks for the warm welcoming Australia!

View pictures of our workshop here.

The Purpose of this space.

This space has been created for the participants of this workshop to share and reflect. Since the class is only for 3 days, its critical that we have a stage and community to share ideas, projects, and even collaborate after we leave and come home. Should you learn something new in the class (as a result of our workshop), use this space to tell us about it. We will be as good as the community will allow. Participate and we grow!


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All the tips and tricks you learn in our session will be posted on flickschool.com as well as on the flickschoolwiki . Enjoy!

OUR Storytelling WORKSHOP with Apple's Pro Apps

The Mind Map of the workshop.

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Click here to view a mind map of our presentation. :)

Day 1: Intros, Goals, and Grammar

  • Intros: Name, School, Experience with production, Goals for the workshop.
  • Rosa and Elizabeth's goals for the workshop.
  • Why the Pro Apps: Final Cut Studio & Logic Studio?
  • The purpose of image and sound to communicate.
  • The project introduction (Process and Product).

Product Goal:The WHAT and WHY

We need to isolate a moment, freeze an event, capture a story that left a lasting mark in your memory. Like a photograph, we need you to share with us the snapshot of a moment, and event, an idea that was a major benchmark in your life/ career. Please see this mind map to see other ideas for the project.

We'll provide you with some prompt ideas, examples, and guidelines for this quick project. We want to provide you with as many paramaters at first to help you focus better. This is how we learned. As we evolved, our structure became more internal, thus, Mr. Torres expanded our parameters.

Process Goal:HOW

Very much like a road map, once you know your end location (product) you will know what streets (tools) you will need to get there. Knowing your end product makes the process a lot easier. The tools are just meant to help you get to there. The story is key!

2nd Half of the Day

  • The VALUE of planning from a realistic, and proven structure (mindmapi, storyboard, EDL).
  • Defining roles (Director, DP, Sound, Location Manager, etc).
  • The shot list (What is needed to be captured on and off camera).
  • Making a time line (start at the end and work back).
  • We will (UN)cover how to think with the camera (communicate context, action, and emotion).

Day 2: Pro App Tour and Project

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  • The Pro Apps: Edit with FCS

    • Why learn Final Cut? Final Cut Pro is a great tool that will assist you in creating a project that will help you get your message across to your audience. Final Cut offers you a wide range of flexibility when it comes to editing. It gives you creative options that will spice up any project.
    • In this session, we will be teaching you the basic interface of this program, how to bring in your media, save your files, color correct your clips, create cool effects, and how to animate. The purpose of this is to give you a quick overview of how to edit a project in Final Cut Pro while taking advantage of the cool features it offers.
  • Animating with Motion

    • Why learn motion? Motion allows you to add some pretty cool looking effects to your project. You can add
      In this session, we’ll be teaching you how to use the built-in effects that Motion comes with. You’ll learn how to track objects in order to send things flying across and around your screen. You’ll also master text and audio behaviors that will allow you to give new life to your text and you’ll also be expanding the color correction skills that you’ve learned in Final Cut. Lastly, we’ll be showing you how to take advantage of the cool templates that Motion comes with. This will give your project a major face-lift, allowing you to showcase your creativity and ideas on a whole another level!
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  • Clean audio with Soundtrack and score with Logic.

    • Why the audio apps? Sound is crucial to any project. It can really make or break your film. These programs allow you to create your own recording studio in which you can add a soundtrack or sound effects to your project, create your own sounds, and fix any audio problems that you might be having.
    • In this session, we’ll be giving you a quick overview of GarageBand. We’ll then move onto Soundtrack Pro, and then transition into Logic. You’ll learn how to clean up the audio in your movie, create your own sounds and work with the loops that these programs come with in order to create a movie that not only looks cool but sounds great!

logic.jpgexternal image 2094802940_a7a9be5ed2_m.jpg

Logic Studio TIPS:

- Overview Movies from apple (videos)

- Start with Logic Studio (video)
external image overview_nextgen20070828.jpg
- Tour of Logic (video)
external image overview_multitrack20070828.gif
- Different Instruments & what they do (video)
external image editing_gallery02t_20070828.gif
- Changing Instrument sounds (video)
external image recording_gallery01t_20070828.jpg
- Effects 101 (video)
external image editing_gallery03t_20070828.gif
- Main Stage tour (video)
external image mixing_gallery03t_20070828.gif
- Sequencing/ Arranging (video)
external image writing_gallery02t_20070828.gif
- UltraBeat (Intro)

external image 2121263769_f537b54d01.jpg?v=0

Motion TIPS:

-Animate text to your audio

-Using Effects


Day 3: Finishing and Presenting

  • Work on project
  • One on one support
  • Compression and delivery for Presentation


Hello, Hola, and G'Day, Mates!

I'd like for you all to meet Rosa and Elizabeth.

I want to introduce two of my brightest stars!!!! They are sisters and I have loved them since they first appeared in my class years ago! They are CURIOUS, FUN, Intelligent, creative, innovative, and they know how to teach!!!! This is why They will be here in my place. I unfortunately cannot come this year due to a family event I couldn't move. When asked for a replacement-- I could not think of a better replacement than these two. They have been there with me since we began the Community Inspiration Studio and since then, they have used the skill sets we evolved and nurtured throughout the years of the San Fernando Education Technology Team (SFETT).

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Allow me to introduce Elizabeth and Rosa Ruvalcaba (Roo-Vahl-cah-bah). Elizabeth will be finishing the University of California at Berkeley this coming year. Rosa has finished her BA and MA in Education from the University of San Francisco. She has also finished her student teaching requirement for the state of California.

Elizabeth and Rosa used their knowledge and skills to find employment during their university years. Also, they have both been active in professional development teaching for educators internationally. They both are professional producers and have a resume that will frighten even some of the most experienced tv/ movie producers.

You are all in great hands. They know the WHATs, the HOWs, and most importantly-- the WHYs of using Apple's Pro Apps as powerful communication tools for teachers and students alike. I have also help diversify Australia even more by adding 2 more Mexicans to it's landscape! Que Viva Australia!

They are simply the best!

torres.jpg Wikispaces
by Marco Antonio Torres

BIOz: Rosa & Elizabeth:


Rosa and Elizabeth Ruvalcaba are two very special natives with
technology. For these two, technology is not a tool, but an
environment. As students of education multi-media guru, Apple
Distinguished Educator-- Marco Antonio Torres, the Ruvalcaba sisters
have been exposed to a media-rich environment throughout their high
school learning experience. While in high school, these two sisters
have been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for
their movie making, digital story telling skills. They amassed a
portfolio many film students, in film schools, would envy. Some of
their movies have been showcased by the corporate world, politicians,
and education conferences everywhere. Marco Torres has been
recognized by the education world for the work he does in a political
and economically disadvantaged community and the fruits of his labor
and efforts are embodied by these two digital sisters.

Now, with a media studies major and Masters in Education from the University
of San Francisco, Rosa is currently a partner of Alas Media LLC, where she films,
produces and designs and teaches workshops on integrating the digital arts in education.
Elizabeth is a a 4th year student at the University of California, Berkeley where she is studying.
While in college, like many of Marco's students, Rosa and Elizabeth were
employed working in the media-related jobs.

The story they tell is of a school program that made family,
community an important part of the curriculum. The San Fernando
Education Technology Team (SFETT) is a student led organization that
is dedicated to celebrate who they are, where, they come from, and
the people and places they call home. This inclusive process has
empowered not only the students, but their families and the
community. Their film festivals every year is a community favorite
and to continue to grow the program, many students like Rosa and
Elizabeth return several times a year to SFETT and to Mr. Marco
Torres to help new students feel the passion, the love, and the
commitment to use the new digital tools to help celebrate and empower
our local and global community.