Rosemary Shoot:

Shot everything on shotlist & more
Recorded galloping wiht H4
Quick shoot: 15 mins
General footage for bumpers/stock footage
close to horsre jumping we could ever get
All 3 of us were all in sync in regards to shots
Good shoot

determine coverage shots (W/M/CU)
Unexpected shoot, until we arrived from Florida
Mic was on mute, but didn’t have to film audio
Scot was taking charge of riding pattern, we should of asked him what would be a best route so we direct rider

Polo Museum:

Lots of footage
connected with interviewees
spilt room shooting
direction for shots
good audio
met president of beach polo
scot kept interviewees engaged in conversation
conserve battery cuz we plugged into outlets

need to set up quicker
comunicate better wih scot in regards to making sure all of our questions are answered
Practice with our new gear more (Litepanels/Panasonic/Lite Panels)
develop silent mannerism amongst filmmaker when theres an audio problem or visual problem while were shooting
Time limits, be stricter with alotted time for shooting broll
Tlan, need to be a better listener while interview is going
notice what interviewee is wearing (dark/light clothes, glasses etc) and choose background that enhances interviewees attire
make sure you keep you filming clean, meaning set up a location to leave all of gear

Pony Match Up:

Quick shoot
good sky/wide shots of field
great soundbites from polo players
got close and film polo field (usually your 30 ft away)
adapted quickly to match up
colors looked greeat
diffused light on inteviews
positioned polo players against wind

a lot of wind
sun was really bright
total different shoot idea once we arrived
develope time to interview folks
hesitated to ask people for interviews
always have question with you and make sure it gets answered or at least addressed