FLIP Your Classroom into the BEST Production Studio and Collect Evidence of Learning Along the Way!

Learners need to DO, CREATE, PRODUCE, and SHARE their learning experience with not only one teacher, but with a MUCH BIGGER community. This two day event will be a practical, hands-on session that’s fun and informal and will teach you how to incorporate movie making, social media, and mobile learning technology into your classroom. Whether you’re at the, middle or high school level, see how movies have a place in your idea marketing and collecting evidence of learning for the school, parents and students. This is the best way to collect evidence of learning while covering the national curriculum.

This framework will help revolutionize your classroom; it can transform it into the most important space of your school– if not the community. Get ready to create and walk away with a valuable movie making process and a cool project to share! This is the best way to showcase what learning looks like in the classroom today. A lesson, an iPad, social media tools– what an exciting time for teachers and learners!

Day 1

Folks, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here:


Tentative Schedule

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Challenge: Flip Learning!

Folks, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here:

Filmmaking: Over the surface and under the surface

Reporting vs Storytelling
Reporting tells and stories sell!

Traditional Flipped Learning


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What does this mean for your classroom?

**Thunderbay, Canada**

BLC Questions

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How can I help create an environment that helps everyone learn to identify a challenge, solve it, and tell the story?


**Mine Craft**

How do you learn today? Anywhere, just in time learning:

How do you solve problems USING your network of resources and people?

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Day 2

How we Plan for the Flipped Classroom

The 5 P's

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product process blc14.png
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Script to Storyboard

Will story blc14.pngWill story blc14-2.png


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Audio Tip: Record underneath a blanket or comforter!

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Resource for Pictures: Compfight


Resource for Music: Incompetech